Professional Resume

Average Resume Vs Professional Resume Like most people’s resumes, an average resume would contain a name, contact information, work history, and responsibilities list for each job. Alot of Job applicants [...]

Writing a Cover Letter

Cover Letter is always used as a means of introducing your self to the Recruiter, and even giving you the edge above other job applicants cause it shows the [...]

Help Me in my Resume

Alot of job applicants don't know the importance of  perfecting their resume and tailoring it towards the jobs that they are applying for. Many applicants use alot of unhelpful [...]

Beware of Web sites offering free resume templates

There are many websites offering Free Resume Templates, but we always advise all our clients to be beware of those Web sites offering free resume templates As we always [...]

How To Market Your Self For A Job

There are many ways you can market your self towards a job, One of the most popular is to mention all your positive traits on your Resume & Cover [...]

Advice Before Applying Your Resume For Jobs

Although its very easy to start spreading your Resume Online Everywhere, you also have to consider few possibilities why no one is getting back to you. You have to [...]

Resume Help for Job Application

At Fort McMurray Resume Writers we always showcase that Targeted Resumes  customized for jobs always conquer Generic Resumes. If you have been looking for a job for a while and [...]

Professional Resume Builder Service

Alot of Companies offer Professional Resume Builder Services with questionable job “guarantees,” But in order for those Web sites to stay in business. They have to use some baiting [...]

What’s Missing From Your Resume

Now a day's with all the new technologies in our backyard, job application is a very simple process, Employers just post a job on an online Job Board and [...]

What’s First Education or Experience

What’s first — education or experience? There is a general rule among most people that work experience should always be placed first no matter what. But Resume Writing Experts  [...]

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